Packable bioclimatic pergola 5.0


A state-of-the-art bioclimatic sunshade with swiveling and retractable blades and an innovative, patented movement system. Thanks to this system, the packing of the blades occurs smoothly and quietly. The 5.0 packable bioclimatic pergola offers many advantages, including the ability to promote natural ventilation for constant air circulation, reduce heat buildup, protect against direct sun exposure, modulate solar lighting, and provide perfect protection from rain. With patented technology, the blades can be folded down to open the roof when you want to enjoy the open sky. This product features an elegant and highly customizable design with clean lines. It offers high indoor comfort due to automated movement and the presence of sensors for weather protection. It also has a lighting system and a built-in sound system that allows you to play your music in total relaxation. Ideal for public environments and bars


Cover typeWith sliding cover, louvred sunshade
Specificationstailored, modular, bioclimatic, retractable

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