Adjustable bioclimatic pergola 4.5


Our 4.5 steerable bioclimatic pergola is innovative, has adjustable slats and is made entirely of aluminum. This structure offers extensive customization, weather resistance, durability and requires minimal maintenance. The versatility of the adjustable sunshade louvers, with an adjustable angle from 0° to 115°, allows the pergola to be completely closed to enjoy comfortable shade, or to modulate the entry of sunlight to illuminate the spaces below in a pleasant way, taking advantage of the different slants of the louvers. When the slats are closed, they offer protection from both sun and rain, improving the comfort of covered spaces. Thanks to perimeter closures, the protected environment can be used even during the coldest months of the year. During evenings, lighting under the pergolas is provided by LEDs built into the structure and/or slats, offering the possibility of adjusting the light intensity to create a pleasant atmosphere. Infrared heating systems and glass enclosures can be combined upon request, providing excellent climatic comfort


Cover typewith adjustable sunshade slats

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